Appellate Practice

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At O'Connor, O'Connor, Bresee & First, we recognize that appellate practice is a unique litigation practice. Our New York appellate law firm has the specialized skills necessary to assist in reversing an adverse ruling or protecting a favorable one. Our appellate attorneys utilize their special skills — clear and persuasive brief writing, expertise in oral advocacy, superior research abilities and knowledge of the highly technical procedural rules that are unique to appellate law — to obtain the best results possible for our clients.

Our New York appellate practice lawyers have a broad range of experience in all of the firm's practice areas. This experience enables our appellate attorneys to work closely with trial counsel to identify and analyze issues likely to arise on appeal and to develop a litigation strategy that properly preserves and positions those issues for a favorable resolution. We provide appellate representation in both civil and criminal matters. Our appellate attorneys' involvement throughout the life of the case is an integral part in obtaining the litigation success that our clients deserve and expect.

We Take Referrals

Outside of handling appeals arising from our own cases, our appellate law firm also handles appeals referred to us by outside lawyers seeking our skills and experience. Our appellate attorneys work diligently to keep abreast of the recent trends affecting our practice areas and the current issues impacting our clients. Doing so allows us to effectively represent clients in a wide range of insurance defense and civil litigation issues.

Contact Our Appellate Law Firm

Through their successful preparation of briefs and presentation of arguments, our appellate lawyers have earned a reputation for excellence in appellate practice. Our lawyers will guide you through the appeals process, making sure you understand exactly what to expect at every stage.

For more information on our New York and Vermont appellate practice, please contact attorney Dianne C. Bresee or Michele M. Monserrate.