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Medical malpractice defense can involve more than doctors

Contrary to what some people may think, doctors are not the only healthcare professionals who make mistakes in the course of their professional duties. In New York and elsewhere, medical professionals of all sorts, including the health care facilities that employ them, can be accused of wrongdoing and face medical malpractice claims against them. When this occurs, those accused may need a medical malpractice defense. 

Owner is defending nursing homes against abuse claims

It is not unusual for one company to own and oversee the operation of numerous nursing homes and/or assisted living facilities. When one or more of those facilities in New York comes under fire, the owners may find themselves in a position in which defending nursing homes from allegations is a must. One owner of a large chain of such facilities is currently in the midst of defending the operations and employees at his properties.

Physicians, staff may be sued after patient dies at hospital

Sometimes a patient in New York ends up passing away after being treated at a hospital no matter how hard the hospital tried to preserve that patient's life. Unfortunately, when this happens, physicians and other medical staff at the hospital may easily be targeted in a medical malpractice lawsuit. In one out-of-state case, the executor of a deceased woman's estate has filed a lawsuit against a hospital, claiming that the hospital's negligence caused the woman's death.

Medical malpractice defense can protect hospitals in New York

After much deliberation, a hospital has been ordered to pay a family of a woman who died in 2009. The medical malpractice suit will result in the awarding of millions to the family of the woman. Because of what is at stake, it is vital that any medical facility in New York put forth a comprehensive medical malpractice defense strategy when faced with any similar situations. This particular case was brought forth by the woman's son, who was 14 at time of the unfortunate passing of his mother.

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