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Survivor of hit-and-run car accident holding on

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2012 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

In many cases, fatal motor vehicle accidents are preventable; they often result from careless or negligent driving. Survivors often suffer from severe injuries, including broken bones, brain damage, physical disfigurement, burns and spinal cord damage. People who are injured due to negligence have legal options to recover costs for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Just recently, police responded to the scene of a fatal car accident involving two pedestrians. A black Plymouth Breeze, driven by a 29-year-old man, failed to stop at a red light on Main Street in Binghamton, New York. Instead, it made a left turn onto Front Street, where the two male pedestrians, estimated to be aged between 35 and 45, were struck. Witnesses say that one of the men was hit hard enough to become airborne. The force of impact also cracked the car’s windshield. One of the victims died that night at a hospital, while the other man’s condition was described as critical.

The driver was charged with one count of leaving the scene of a fatal motor vehicle accident. Further charges against the defendant are still possible. He is being held in jail until further action is taken by the court. Drivers who cause accidents have an obligation to stop and report the accident, no matter what.

Accidents involving pedestrians also frequently disable the victims. Many of these events take place on weekends and at nights, and alcohol can be involved. This can lead to a wrongful death suit, although it has not been stated as a factor in this case. It is therefore important for the families of any victims who are killed in such accidents to be aware of their rights to pursue compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

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