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We Defend New York Medical Professionals Facing Malpractice Claims

There are risks involved in all aspects of medical care — from diagnosis to prescribing medicine to surgery. Since every decision can have a direct impact on someone’s health and well-being, medical professionals carry the risk of a costly medical malpractice suit at any moment of their career.

At O'Connor First in Albany, we provide experienced counsel and aggressive advocacy for medical professionals and institutions facing malpractice claims in New York. We serve as regional counsel for several major medical malpractice insurance carriers, and are a defense firm focused on protecting the interests of our clients and the rights of their insureds.

A Solid Defense Against Medical Negligence Claims

A medical malpractice claim is especially troubling because it puts a medical professional’s career and livelihood at risk. We represent a wide variety of medical professionals, defending against malpractice claims and helping them maintain their licenses in administrative hearings.

We defend medical professionals in cases involving surgical errors, birth injuries, failure to diagnose and other claims of medical malpractice. In handling a medical malpractice defense case, we have access to a network of elite medical experts who assist us with challenging medical malpractice claims and presenting compelling cases for our clients. Our experience and network of resources has allowed us to secure positive outcomes for many of our clients.

Protect Your Career And Your Reputation

Medical malpractice claims can happen to any medical professional, from family doctors to nursing home staff. The scope of our practice includes:

  • Defending physicians: It is imperative to protect your license to practice medicine when you are accused of medical negligence. We have represented surgeons, family practitioners, anesthesiologists and more.
  • Defending other medical professionals: We defend all types of medical professionals, from nurses and physical therapists to dentists and more.
  • Defense in administrative hearings: We will prepare you for all administrative hearings and provide you with a solid defense against any and all charges.
  • Defending hospitals: Our lawyers not only defend individual physicians, but entire hospitals and other long-term care facilities as well.
  • Defending nursing homes: Nursing homes are attacked frequently for elder abuse. We can defend you against the charges your nursing home is facing.

We Have Your Back

If you are facing a medical malpractice defense issue in New York, please contact the attorneys at O'Connor First by reaching out online or by telephone at 877-886-4029. We are here to build the defense you need to protect your future and your livelihood.

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