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Arbitration is an increasingly used form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that allows individuals and businesses to resolve their legal issues without having to go through the time and expense of the traditional litigation process. At O'Connor First, we are on the cutting edge of ADR processes such as arbitration and mediation.

Attorney Terence P. O’Connor is on the list of approved arbitrators for the United States District Court, Northern District of New York State. As an arbitrator, Mr. O’Connor has helped many clients throughout Upstate New York move past a dispute while preserving business relationships and avoiding massive court costs.

During the arbitration process, Mr. O’Connor serves as a neutral, single-person jury. He hears the arguments presented by both sides, thoughtfully analyzes the facts and law involved in the situation, and then issues a decision. In most cases, these decisions are binding: They are final and will be entered into the court as a judgment.

Insurance Arbitration Lawyer Serving Albany And Upstate New York

Mr. O’Connor is prepared to serve as an arbitrator in nearly any type of situation, including:

  • Insurance claim disputes
  • Business disputes
  • Employment law cases
  • Professional negligence and malpractice disputes
  • Class actions

Using the same attention to detail and commitment to legal excellence that have led to his inclusion as one of the Top Ten Super Lawyers in New York, Mr. O’Connor provides arbitration services that are fair, cost conscious and effective.

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To arrange a consultation with a New York arbitration lawyer and discuss arbitration and other ADR services, contact our firm at 877-886-4029 or fill out our online form.

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