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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

New York Bankruptcy Lawyer: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a debt liquidation bankruptcy. For those who are eligible, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a way to significantly reduce and/or eliminate dischargeable debts.

Although certain debts like child support are not dischargeable through a bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help with credit card debts, medical debts and other unsecured debts. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is another option for people facing unmanageable debt. Our firm handles Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings on behalf of individuals and businesses.

If you need to speak with a New York attorney about bankruptcy or bankruptcy alternatives, we encourage you to contact O'Connor First. We have helped thousands of clients find solutions to their debt problems. We are located in Albany and represent clients throughout Upstate New York.

35 years Of Experience

Attorney Michael J. O’Connor heads our bankruptcy and debt relief practice. He has been handling bankruptcy and debt relief matters since 1978. He is board-certified in consumer and commercial bankruptcy by the American Board of Certification. He represents individuals and businesses. To schedule a free consultation with Mr. O’Connor today, call 518-465-0400 or contact us toll free at 877-886-4029.

We Are Here To Help

People who come to our office are often dealing with significant stress and anxiety. They have been harassed by collection agencies, threatened by creditors and overwhelmed by a debt load they can no longer bear.

Often, people facing financial crisis are also dealing with a sense of shame and are afraid that they will be judged. At our firm, you will not face judgment. You will only find a team of experienced professionals ready to help. We take pride in helping people in need. We understand that many good people fall on hard financial times due to a job loss, physical injury or other matter beyond their control. Sometimes, the only thing our clients need is a second chance to get back on their feet. We are pleased to help people who need a second chance.

Stop Creditor Harassment/Prevent Home Foreclosure/Get Financial Relief

Although bankruptcy is not right for everyone, a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to:

  • Reduce or eliminate credit card debts
  • Reduce or eliminate medical debts
  • Reduce or eliminate other dischargeable debts
  • Stop creditor harassment
  • Prevent a wage garnishment
  • Protect your car or truck
  • Prevent a home foreclosure
  • Protect your business

Contact Us

To speak with an attorney about bankruptcy and other debt relief services, contact O'Connor First.

We are a federally designated debt relief agency proudly helping people file debt reorganization plans and bankruptcy for over 35 years.

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