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O'Connor First has the resources, experienced attorneys and cost-effective approach that insurance carriers can rely on when seeking defense counsel in Upstate New York and Vermont. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests and to showing that nurses and other medical professionals have not committed malpractice every time an undesired or unexpected medical outcome occurs.

Accusations of malpractice are not limited to claims directed solely against a nurse for his or her actions. When plaintiffs file claims against doctors and health care facilities, they often name nurses as parties to the claim.

Nurse Malpractice Defense Lawyers Serving Albany

We retain the services of expert witnesses, conduct extensive investigations and compile exhaustive collections of evidence to show that nurses accused of malpractice:

  • Did not deviate from accepted medical practices
  • Exercised appropriate clinical judgment
  • Did not owe a duty to the client based on the scope of the nurse-patient relationship
  • Were not responsible for the causal chain of events leading to the unwanted outcome
  • Were not the direct cause of patient injuries or undesired medical outcomes

Our knowledge of these and all other pertinent issues affecting malpractice claims is used to not only defend against lawsuits but also protect our clients in nursing board defense actions. Our New York nurse license defense lawyers make sure that nurses have a powerful advocate on their side when fighting to protect their professional license and their livelihood.

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