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At O'Connor First, our services are not limited to representing parties in a dispute. We also offer alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, such as mediation, to those in Upstate New York.

Terence P. O’Connor, a partner at our firm who has more than two decades of legal experience, leads our firm’s alternative dispute resolution efforts. Mr. O’Connor is an early neutral evaluator/mediator for the United States District Court, Northern District of New York State. In this role Mr. O’Connor fosters communication between parties and provides insight into potential solutions. He uses his advanced analytical capabilities to help parties resolve their issues without requiring a lengthy and expensive trial.

For his work as a New York mediation attorney and the excellent legal representation that he provides to our insurance defense clients, Mr. O’Connor has been named as one of New York’s Top Ten Super Lawyers.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorneys Serving Albany And Upstate New York

The skill and experience that Mr. O’Connor brings to mediation is beneficial in any type of dispute, but is especially advantageous to those with legal matters involving:

  • Insurance defense disputes
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Legal malpractice claims
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Class action suits
  • Environmental litigation
  • Truck and auto liability
  • Employment law

In these and all other matters, Mr. O’Connor helps parties work collaboratively toward creative solutions that serve the interests of everyone involved.

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To learn more about our mediation services, Mr. O’Connor’s credentials or how mediation can benefit you, contact us online or call 877-886-4029.

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