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Truck Accident Defense

Truck insurance policies carry extremely high limits, meaning insurance companies face substantial exposure in truck litigation matters. Knowing this, plaintiffs’ attorneys are quick to seek maximum damages — typically millions of dollars — in nearly any case that involves a semi-truck, tractor-trailer or any other type of commercial vehicle.

The experienced defense attorneys at O'Connor First help insurance companies counter this strategy and mitigate or eliminate the financial consequences of these claims. We use proven negotiation techniques and litigation strategies, and have obtained dismissals and favorable settlements in cases throughout Upstate New York and Vermont. Our representation is designed to keep costs contained and resolve truck accident litigation as efficiently as possible.

Truck Accident Defense Lawyers Serving Albany

Under the guidance of partners Terence P. O’Connor and Dennis A. First, our knowledgeable insurance defense team created a well-honed approach to truck litigation defense. We are familiar with the state and federal laws and regulations that can affect these cases. Our New York truck accident defense attorneys have an understanding of the issues that commonly surface in these matters, including those related to:

  • Electronic control modules (ECMs), often called the “black box”
  • Collision warning sensors (CWS)
  • Paperless log systems (PLS)
  • “Bobtail” designation
  • Tachographs (speed and distance recorder)
  • Jacobs braking systems/Jake brakes
  • Truck brake gladhands

In personal injury or wrongful death cases involving these and other truck accident issues, we implement carefully crafted defense cases designed to eliminate or reduce the financial pressures and exposure that our clients face.

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