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Legal Malpractice Defense

O'Connor First is proud to protect the interests of attorneys who face baseless accusations of negligence and wrongdoing. We work with legal malpractice insurance carriers to provide assertive, cost-effective defense representation throughout Upstate New York and Vermont. We use our understanding of case law, ethics rules, local court procedures and all applicable legal standards to craft powerful cases designed to exonerate the accused attorneys and minimize the financial impact of a claim.

By utilizing expert witnesses who are well respected in the legal ethics community, we establish that the alleged misconduct did not fall outside the acceptable standards of practice. We combine this information with our detail-oriented approach to litigation in order to have claims dismissed or settle them as early and as favorably as possible. Our New York legal malpractice defense attorneys have had significant success in legal malpractice matters such as those involving:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Failure to file documents in a timely manner or letting statutes of limitations expire
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Misuse of client funds
  • Failure to obtain client consent to settlement
  • Failure to adequately communicate with client
  • General negligence, such as making mistakes in drafting legal documents
  • Fraud
  • Overbilling or overcharging
  • Abuse of process
  • Inappropriate relationship with client
  • Failure to present relevant evidence at trial

In addition to resolving claims related to these and all other allegations of malpractice, we have the ability to help lawyers protect their licenses in disciplinary hearings.

Our comprehensive professional negligence defense services are not restricted to claims of lawyer malpractice. We also use our proven litigation strategies to defend physicians, nurses and other medical professionals and facilities accused of negligent conduct.

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