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Defending Pharmacists

O'Connor First has the resources and accomplished attorneys that pharmacists and their insurance carriers need on their side when accusations of malpractice arise. Our comprehensive services encompass not only defense against malpractice claims, but also representation in any licensing matters that arise as a result of malpractice allegations. We serve as a regional resource to insurance carriers and their insureds in Albany and throughout surrounding portions of New York and Vermont.

Our lawyers work tirelessly to protect the interests and reputation of pharmacists and other professionals in the medical field who face allegations that can impact their careers and their hard-earned reputations. We have developed time-tested legal strategies necessary to provide this exceptional representation in a way that remains effective, yet also contains costs for pharmacists and their insurance carriers.

A Trusted, Regional Resource For Defense Against Pharmacist Malpractice Claims

Our familiarity with the state and local rules that govern these matters allows us to be effective advocates in any situation where pharmacists have been accused of malpractice. We are especially adept at resolving matters related to complaints that stem from alleged misconduct such as:

  • Prescription errors such as distributing incorrect medications or improper dosages
  • Failing to recognize potentially harmful or life-threatening drug interactions
  • Improperly providing controlled substances/narcotics
  • Participation in “pill mills” and other illicit operations

Our exceptional results and cost-effective representation has led to O'Connor First being recognized as one of the top malpractice defense firms in the Albany area in the 2014 edition of U.S. News & World Report’s Best Law Firm publication.

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