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Defending Optometrists

O'Connor First is a regional insurance defense firm serving the malpractice defense needs of optometrists and their insurance carriers in Upstate New York and Vermont. Our accomplished attorneys have defended the interests of our clients since the early 1980s, and have achieved the successful results and developed the cost-conscious strategies that have led to us being known as one of the area’s premier defense firms.

Proven Strategies And Decades Of Experience Protecting Your Interests

The results we obtain and the high level of service that we provide are routinely recognized by leading legal publications and our peers. This includes being named as one of the top malpractice defense firms in the Albany region by U.S. News & World Report’s Best Law Firm publication in 2014.

We understand that malpractice accusations can not only put optometrists and other professionals in the field of health care at risk of financial consequences, but also affect their livelihood and their hard-earned reputations. As such, our New York optometrist defense attorneys provide comprehensive representation that not encompasses all civil cases, licensing hearings and related matters that stem from malpractice allegations.

Our trusted team of defense attorneys can also defend ophthalmologists and other professionals who work in the field of optical health care. This includes situations involving allegations of failed Lasik surgery and other related surgical procedures.

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Call O'Connor First at 877-886-4029 or complete our online contact form to learn more about the exceptional legal services that we provide. Our office is located in Albany, and our lawyers routinely travel to courts throughout surrounding portions of New York and Vermont.

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