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Bankruptcy Basics

New York Bankruptcy Lawyer: Bankruptcy Basics

Bankruptcy is an opportunity to discharge certain debts. Obligations like credit card debts, medical debts and other unsecured debts may be reduced or eliminated through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide critical relief through a debt repayment or debt restructuring plan. Typically, the repayment plan is a three-year or five-year plan.

The Importance Of Honest And Full Disclosure

When you meet with an attorney to discuss your legal needs, it is important to provide a full picture of your assets and debts. When filing for bankruptcy, you have an obligation to provide full and accurate information to the bankruptcy court.

People who fail to provide honest and fully forthcoming information to a bankruptcy court can face severe penalties. When representing a person or business in a consumer or commercial bankruptcy filing, we fully explain to clients the importance of honesty and candor throughout the bankruptcy process.

Comprehensive Representation

The people and businesses that retain our firm for their legal matter receive the highest standard of legal services. Our firm is committed to providing legal services that are experienced, dedicated and highly responsive to a client’s individualized needs.

When handling a bankruptcy filing for a person or business, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We are thorough and meticulous in our approach to each case, because we believe that clients deserve quality legal representation.

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