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Defending Laboratory Technicians

Hospitals, pharmacies and clinics depend on lab techs to diagnose and care for patients on a daily basis. These professionals are highly trained to work with samples and cultures to provide doctors the information they need to know to prescribe treatment for those who depend upon them.

When a mistake or misdiagnosis is made, however, patients can turn on those who provide care and initiate a witch hunt to hold anyone and everyone accountable for their pain. It is not uncommon for the blame to be passed to the lab technicians, claiming that they were negligent in their handling of samples and erroneous in the information they provided to doctors.

Protecting Laboratory Technicians From Career-Threatening Allegations

These allegations are serious and can cost a lab tech his or her career. At O'Connor First, P.C., we are committed to protecting these professionals from allegations, defending them from legal action.

If you are a lab technician, and you have been accused of negligence or critical mistakes, please call our law firm to learn what we can do to protect you and your career.

Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the allegations that have been made, putting together evidence and expert opinions needed to fight the claims. We work with medical professionals to determine exactly what happened. From this foundation, we can build a strategy for defending against the claims and allegations.

Our firm is experienced in defending professionals and fighting to protect their licenses and careers. We know the legal remedies and solutions that you need on your side as you fight these claims.

For more information, call our law firm today at 518-465-0400 or toll free at 877-886-4029.

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