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Driver charged in New York crash that killed highway patrolman

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2012 | Car Accidents

A car accident that takes a life is a tremendous emotional burden for the friends and family of the deceased. It also can present a major financial challenge for those who were dependent on the victim, such as a spouse and children. When a car accident leads to a wrongful death, the victim’s family can sometimes pursue restitution for lost work time, medical bills and final expenses.

A New York man was released on bond on Oct. 19 after being charged with causing a drunk driving accident the previous day that led to the death of a Nassau County police officer. The man was charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving while intoxicated. Other charges were filed, as well.

The accident, which involved multiple vehicles, left the police officer dead. The officer was on foot near the arrested man’s car when the driver of a black SUV struck both the officer and the wrecked car. Before that, the arrested man had hit a BMW and continued on the highway, only stopping after driving farther down the road. After it had stopped, the suspect’s vehicle was struck by another car. According to reports, the SUV did not see the suspect’s wrecked car. So far that SUV driver has not faced any charges.

If criminal charges against the man result in a conviction, it may be easier for the deceased officer’s family to pursue damages. The accused’s blood alcohol content was 0.09 at the time of his arrest, making it more likely that he will be convicted of drunk driving.

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