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Fatal accident occurs on Vanderbilt Motor Parkway

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2012 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Auto accidents that result in fatalities can be some of the hardest for families and loved ones to deal with. The loss of a loved one can result in unexpected medical or funeral expenses, court costs, lost wages and extensive property damage on top of the emotional toll it takes. The family of a driver or passenger who is not at fault in such an accident can seek compensation from the responsible party when a fatal auto accident occurs.

Readers in Albany may have heard about a fatal auto accident that shut down part of the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway on Long Island earlier this week. The accident occurred when a 46-year-old male driver piloting a 2003 box truck struck a 2010 Hyundai being driven by a 90-year-old man. The elder driver was sent to a nearby hospital, where he was declared deceased.

The driver of the box truck was not injured in the crash. Detectives are still investigating the events that lead up to the event. The older man was reportedly trying to make a left-hand turn onto the road when the truck hit his car.

Those who have lost a loved one or sustained serious injuries in a car accident should seek to understand their rights and responsibilities. There are many mitigating circumstances and important factors to consider when determining liability in an auto accident, and understanding these factors can help them to begin the process of seeking compensation and filing necessary claims. If it’s determined that the truck driver is at fault for the accident, the victim’s family could sue for damages.

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