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Dump truck driver flees accident scene

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2013 | Truck Accidents

Something that drivers who cause accidents need to remember is that they have an obligation to stay on the scene and report it to police. To the extent possible, you should also try to render aid to other passengers and drivers who may be injured. But at the very least, you cannot leave the scene.

Readers in Albany may be aware of an accident involving a dump truck and several other vehicles that occurred in the evening hours of Valentine’s Day. The accident reportedly involved a dump truck driver who failed to stop at the scene. The truck was allegedly speeding and the driver was exhibiting aggressive behavior on the road before rear-ending one of the three cars, which caused a chain-reaction accident. According to a someone involved in the accident, one of the other cars flipped over.

The accident, which occurred on the Long Island Expressway, caused multiple injuries. One of those injured was a 73-year-old man, who had to be airlifted to a hospital after suffering serious injuries. The following day, his condition was listed as fair. Eyewitnesses state that the dump truck that caused the incident continued eastbound on the highway.


Victims of auto accidents can often be burdened with medical expenses and extensive recovery times from their injuries, which can affect both their personal and professional lives. At the very least, a driver who causes an accident should admit culpability. Wouldn’t you want the same courtesy extended to you? According to police, the driver may have escaped charges if he stayed at the scene. But now he will be charged with felony hit and run.

Source: CBS New York, “Hit-And-Run Dump Truck Driver Sought In LIE Crash That Injured 3,” Feb. 15, 2013