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Husband watches wife die after fatal bus accident

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2013 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents often leave behind injuries that can create a lifetime of problems for those who are hurt. When a crash involves a pedestrian, the chances of it being a fatal accident are even greater. Those who are left behind after a fatal car accident must start picking up the pieces and rebuilding their lives after the loss of a loved one.

Such is the case for one New York man who witnessed his wife’s death. The woman was killed after being hit by a charter bus one morning in late January. Her husband, who had just kissed her goodbye, saw the accident from his car, which was parked nearby.

According to the husband, the bus driver ran a stop sign when turning from Avenue K onto 105th Street in Brooklyn, hitting the woman in the process. The driver remained at the scene until emergency workers arrived, but stayed in the bus. According to the police, the woman died before emergency responders could make it to the scene. When people cause an accident, they should render aid if it is safe to do so.

According to investigators, however, the driver will likely not be charged because they could not determine whether he actually ran the stop sign.

But no criminal charges does not mean the family can’t file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver or the driver’s employer. In the case of wrongful death, those left behind may have the right to compensation for the pain and suffering they experience due to the loss of a loved one, as well as the medical expenses and funeral expenses incurred.

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