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Passenger killed in accident involving car, van and pedestrians

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2013 | Car Accidents

When drivers take to the streets in Albany or any other New York city, they need to be aware of what is going on around them. Sometimes, all it takes is the failure to look carefully before pulling out onto a busy road to cause a car accident. Our Albany readers may be interested to learn of one accident that involved injuries to people inside the vehicles as well as a pedestrian.

Police said that one woman was killed and several other people were injured in a recent crash involving a car and a van at a busy intersection. When the car made a left turn it was struck by the van, police said, sending both vehicles onto the sidewalk, where they hit a pedestrian. Passengers in both vehicles were injured. The 46-year-old passenger in the front seat of the car died later at the hospital. Her twin nephews were riding in the back of the car.

The crash occurred in the afternoon at a busy intersection in Harlem. Observers in a nearby building said that witnesses to the accident quickly tried to help those who were injured. An investigation is ongoing, but it appears that charges could be filed. A quick observation of the facts shows that the driver of the car was likely at fault because she took a left turn in front of the oncoming van.

Those suffering catastrophic injuries after a car crash often face medical expenses, ongoing physical problems or pain and suffering. They may be due compensation from the at-fault driver, so it is worthwhile to learn what rights car crash victims have if they are injured.

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