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Injuries in one-car crash can still result in New York lawsuits

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2013 | Car Accidents

A report on a car accident last weekend says that the driver of the car may have overcompensated, causing the SUV to hit a guardrail and went of an embankment. The accident resulted in five injuries, one of which was considered serious. The news report also indicated that one of the passengers may have been ejected from the vehicle.

Car accidents may result in medical expenses for anyone involved. While police and authorities look into the cause of the accident, insurance companies and victims of the accident will also be investigating what the cause was and where they might seek compensation. Sometimes victims will think they need more compensation that what is necessary to cover medical expenses, and insurance companies and drivers may both face lawsuits. Drivers may face lawsuits, even if only one car was involved.

After a car accident, people and insurance companies involved may want to seek the help of a car accident defense attorney in New York. This can be especially important if another person was distracting a driver, making an accident more probable. An experienced attorney can investigate the cause of an accident and help companies and people defend themselves against liability.

Sometimes when multiple people are injured, insurance policies might not fully cover all medical expense, leaving a person vulnerable to a lawsuit by an injured person involved in the accident or their insurance company.

Car accidents alone are a major hassle for everyone involved. When companies and people are faced with lawsuits, an attorney can help handle the legal issues that might arise.

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