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Car accidents in New York injure 8

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2013 | Car Accidents

Car accidents happen. Not all of them are anyone’s fault; for instance, someone who is paying attention to the road shouldn’t be found guilty for sliding on black ice. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you’re being charged with a crime due to car accidents, seeking a legal defense is one option you can choose in Albany, New York.

On Dec. 17, a report came out about the large 31-car pileup on Brooklyn’s Gowanus Expressway. This accident obviously involved chain reactions with cars being unable to stop on an icy highway. The series of chain-reaction crashes resulted in eight injuries, at least, and even slowed traffic headed east for miles. When drivers tried to stop, it was believed that they skidded on the icy road, causing more accidents. One 23-year-old driver claimed that he skidded for 20 seconds; he said he told his passenger that he couldn’t stop.

According to the news, no one was taken to the hospital immediately after the crash, because the injuries were considered minor. Later on, they were treated, however. If negligence or speed were the causes of the accidents, you might have expected more severe injuries, but fortunately, even with so many cars involved, injuries were few and far between.

It’s hard to hold someone accountable for an accident when it’s due to an act of nature. In cases like these, even due diligence could have resulted in a car crashing because of the ice on the roads. If you’ve been charged with being at fault in an accident like this one, you might want to look into your legal options.

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