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Woman who says she tripped at department store brings suit

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2014 | Premises Liability

Sometimes, when a New York business desires to make improvements to its premises, it will have construction work performed at the premises and remain in full operation while this work is being done. One thing that all businesses that opt to take this course of action should make sure to do is to take steps to ensure that the companies they hire to perform the construction work do not engage in unsafe conduct which could cause customers to suffer accidents during the course of the construction project. If a customer of a business suffers an accident as a result of construction work that is being performed on the business’ premises, the business may find itself facing a premises liability lawsuit.

Recently, such a lawsuit was brought against a department store in another state, Pennsylvania. One of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit is a woman who says that she was hurt while she was shopping at the store on Oct. 16, 2012.

According to the woman, at that time, construction work was being performed at the store. The woman claims that negligence by the store and some construction companies led to a raised frame being left in a customer area of the store. The woman says that she tripped on the frame and that this was how she was injured.

The construction companies are being sued along with the store.

A business may have many concerns and questions regarding liability when a customer suffers an accident on its premises. One source of advice and guidance that a business should consider consulting in such a situation is an experienced personal injury defense attorney.

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