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Missed diagnoses and medical malpractice claims

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2014 | Medical Malpractice

Diabetes is a growing concern for millions of Americans, but so are medical malpractice claims for health care professionals, as many doctors may continue to miss the proper diagnosis for this disease. According to a recent study, it is estimated that as many as three in 10 cases go undiagnosed and missed by doctors. A missed diagnosis, especially for a major health issue such as diabetes, can lead to a costly medical malpractice claim.

It is thought that eight million people are currently living with diagnosed diabetes, and as many as two-thirds of them are under the care of a doctor. There are many reasons why physicians are missing so many of these cases, but pinpointing these reasons may enable doctors to reverse this trend. It has been suggested that overloaded doctors could be an issue, including those in New York.

Missed diabetes diagnoses can lead to further medical complications for individuals, increased strain on the health care system overall and the potential for civil claims against physicians. Is has been suggested that some of the warning signs for this potentially dangerous disease are commonly overlooked, including obesity. Perhaps increased focus on weight may lead to fewer missed cases and, in turn, protect doctors from civil suits filed by patients.

Some New York doctors may be facing a medical malpractice claim from a missed diabetes diagnosis. If this is the case, it is best to have a legal professional evaluate the situation and determine the best way to defend against these claims. It is important to note that diagnosing a disease is a complex process, and warning signs may not be easily distinguished. This is not necessarily the fault of a well-trained, knowledgeable and thorough doctor. For more information regarding malpractice defense, visit our site.

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