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Assisted living facilities can be wrong target of lawsuits

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2016 | Medical Malpractice Defense

The professionals who dedicate their time and knowledge to work at an assisted living or long-term facility in New York are at risk of being accused of faulty care or negligence of some kind for a number of reasons. Often, assisted living facilities are targeted by families or others who have little or no real knowledge of the services rendered, the care necessary and the complications that can arise in these types of facilities. Because these professionals are at risk all the while providing a valuable service, it is important that they have effective legal representation if ever accused of wrong-doing.

There are a number of common injuries or medical issues that can lead to accusations of abuse, neglect or even reckless care. For example, bedsores and ulcers can lead to suspicions of wrongful care even if those conditions occur under valid circumstances. Falls are quite common in assisted living facilities as many individuals in these places need require mobility assistance. Sometimes, accidents can and do happen.

Behaviors or lack of oversight may also be suspected for a variety of reasons. When cases involve patients or residents who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, elopement or other potentially harmful behavior on the part of a patient may be falsely pinned on a medical professional or provider. Errors related to medication can occur, and an assisted facility employee may be suspected of neglect or worse.

Being accused of misdoings at work can be distressing and can impact any future career opportunities, even after a person has been cleared of any wrongdoing. The goal of an effective defense lawyer in New York may be to seek a dismissal or settle a claim quickly as to preserve the reputation of the facility and/or the worker accused. Our firm has more information online about defense options for any assisted living facility or employee facing civil action.