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Medical malpractice defense can protect hospitals in New York

On Behalf of | May 4, 2016 | Medical Malpractice Defense

After much deliberation, a hospital has been ordered to pay a family of a woman who died in 2009. The medical malpractice suit will result in the awarding of millions to the family of the woman. Because of what is at stake, it is vital that any medical facility in New York put forth a comprehensive medical malpractice defense strategy when faced with any similar situations. This particular case was brought forth by the woman’s son, who was 14 at time of the unfortunate passing of his mother.

The suit brought against the hospital alleged that there was a failed code blue situation in place after the woman was sedated. There are no specifics as to why the woman was hospitalized or any other health details of the woman reported. The lack of the code blue system was said to be a factor in why seven minutes passed by before there was an attempt to revive the woman. This lack of resuscitation was blamed for irreversible brain damage suffered by the woman.

The jury in this case took nine hours to deliberate before making a decision. The family was awarded eight million in the suit. There was no word yet as to whether or not the hospital will appeal the decision.

When a judgement against a medical facility or a medical professional in New York is handed down, an appeal may be an appropriate reaction. In cases such as this, a judgement in the millions of dollars can affect the reputation of a facility and the ability to provide on-going quality care for other patients. Having a skilled and experienced legal team to guide a medical malpractice defense, and also guide any reactionary measures or filings after a ruling, can help to protect medical facilities and professionals as they go forward with caring for patients.

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