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Car accident defense options after a New York wreck

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2016 | Car Accident Defense

New York roadways are busy thoroughfares with large numbers of motorists traveling alongside one another to reach their destinations. When a collision occurs, one or more persons involved may benefit from professional assistance, especially in situations where liability issues exist. There are typically various car accident defense options available that can be implemented when one has been accused of negligence.

Apparently, some time after 9 p.m. on a recent Sunday night, a man was involved in a motor vehicle collision with two other cars. His vehicle was said to be headed in a westbound direction on the Jericho Turnpike when it allegedly struck another car that was preparing to make a left turn. A third vehicle, also waiting to turn was reportedly side-swiped in the collision.

Three occupants of the initial vehicle that was struck were transported to a hospital for treatment. One of them, a 56-year-old woman, later succumbed to her injuries. There were no injuries reported from the third vehicle that was involved in the incident.

The man in the westbound vehicle has been accused of drunk driving regarding the New York accident. In similar situations, a driver may also face civil claims for financial responsibility if another party files a personal injury or wrongful death claim after a collision. Under such circumstances, it is often beneficial to seek legal counsel with regard to the various car accident defense options that might be available to help minimize the potential negative impact such a situation may have on one’s future.

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