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Medical malpractice defense for doctor facing lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2016 | Medical Malpractice Defense

The family of a 5-year-old boy commenced a medical malpractice lawsuit due to brain damage he suffered. The doctor, hospital and insurance company have each likely prepared a comprehensive medical malpractice defense as the jury trial has started. New York doctors and other medical professionals may be able to relate to the circumstances and aftermath of the incident which has led to the suit.

The child involved was 19-months-old when he had a seizure. As a result, his mother took him to an area hospital for treatment, and attempts were made to provide an airway for the child. The boy was said to be critical at the time as efforts were made to get air into his airway. A pop-off valve on the medical equipment used and the doctor’s alleged inability to lock that valve have been blamed for the brain damage the boy suffered as a result of lack of oxygen.

According to the lawsuit, other doctors were called in to assist in the struggle to get the airway working. Another doctor locked the valve and solved the problem. The doctor at the center of the suit disputes that the valve locking issues was the solution to the problem.

A medical malpractice defense strategy typically incorporates consultation with other medical professionals in order to shed light on often complicated medical issues. A malpractice claim such as this one can put any New York doctor’s career on the line. Also, the insurance company and medical facility typically have a lot at stake financially. With the help of a defense team that understands the complexities involved and the potential risks for a defendant, a fair outcome based upon provable facts may be achieved.

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