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Car accidents resulting in claims may adversely affect insurance

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Car Accident Defense

Hundreds of thousands of motor vehicle collisions occur on busy New York roadways and surrounding regions each year. When car accidents lead to multiple claims being filed, self-insured companies and insurance agencies may be faced with financial instability. A key factor in protecting business interests and keeping costs low often lies in securing immediate and effective auto insurance defense.

O’Connor, O’Connor, Bresee & First, P.C., serves clients throughout New York and other nearby areas. Our dedicated team of attorneys has successfully defended against improper disclosure claims, claims that include a failure to cooperate and broker negligence. If you need assistance with a first or third party claim, we are prepared to offer sound counsel and aggressive litigation experience to help you accomplish your immediate and long-term goals.

Limiting liability is one of the main priorities of a strong car accident defense. To this end, we will make every effort to have your claim dismissed. If this does not happen, we can act on your behalf to seek a fair and favorable settlement, hopefully without the burden of a lengthy trial. We understand the desire to resolve claims issues in as swift and economically feasible a fashion as possible.

Car accidents will continue to occur in New York and across the nation. In light of this fact, O’Connor, O’Connor, Bresee & First, P.C., is committed to helping those whose financial stability may be threatened by insurance claims, bad faith claims or underinsured motorists claims. By calling our office to arrange a meeting, you can take the first steps toward positive solutions to your current claims problems.