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Every insurance and self-insured company needs legal assistance

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2016 | Car Accident Defense

Hundreds of thousands of car accidents happen here in New York every year, and that does not even include New York City. That is a lot of claims for an insurance company or a self-insured company to handle. Some of those claims might go smoothly, but a significant portion will not.

Insurance carriers are often accused of mishandling claims, wrongly denying claims and not adequately disclosing information. Bad faith claims could be filed when an insured or third-party claimant fails to get the settlement deserved. Some people claim that a broker was negligent, that adjusters and others were uncooperative or that the company failed to provide the proper notice.

An attorney can help resolve these types of complaints, but in many cases, it might be beneficial to have an attorney involved from the beginning. Settlements might be reached without the need for formal litigation. The right attorney can help resolve claims in a cost-effective, expeditious and efficient manner.

Your company’s financial stability depends on this, and your attorney should help make sure that it does not pay out for claims in which liability is questionable. Adjusters might be able to assess damage, but they are not always equipped to conduct the type of inquiry needed in order to determine whether the company bears any liability for a particular claim. Having access to counsel who regularly practices in insurance law could prove invaluable.

If your New York-based insurance company or self-insured company is having issues with first-party or third-party claims and/or complaints, you should consider bringing in counsel to advocate on your behalf. It might not be cost-effective to have every claim handled by someone else. However, the more complex and potentially litigious claims ought to be turned over to someone who understands both the business and legal aspects involved.