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Several doctors sued, 1 loses, in medical malpractice case

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2017 | Medical Malpractice Defense

Those who practice medicine know that not every case will go as planned regardless of the precautions taken. Nevertheless, the vast majority of doctors strive for the highest level of patient care in all circumstances. Unfortunately, there are some situations in New York and elsewhere that will result in malpractice litigation.

Such is the case involving purported surgery complications in another state. A federal judge recently awarded a verdict of an estimated $13.4 million that stemmed from a lawsuit filed in 2012. In an unusual decision in a state that most often finds in favor of the defense, the judge made the ruling after the accused surgeon elected not to offer a defense.

According to the surgical records, during a valve replacement on a then 21-year-old male patient, air bubbles somehow entered into the man’s bloodstream. They then traveled to the brain, which resulted in the patient suffering serious, irreversible brain injuries. Restrictions were later placed on the surgeon after he was reprimanded for not disclosing certain information on his application at another medical facility.

The hospital and other doctors who were involved in this case all settled with the plaintiff’s family rather than allow the case to go to trial. Reportedly, the judge granted such a large monetary verdict based on both accumulated and future estimated costs for the man’s care for the duration of his life. New York medical care providers who find themselves facing a malpractice lawsuit have skilled defense professionals who will work to ensure that their interests and future careers are protected in the best manner possible as well as working to minimize any financial harm to their insurance providers.

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