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Patient files malpractice suit against doctors and staff for fall

On Behalf of | May 5, 2017 | Medical Malpractice Defense

Those who enter the medical field do so for many reasons, but the desire to alleviate suffering is a reason that many offer. In fact, the vast majority of doctors and support staff dedicate themselves to ensuring that they do no harm to their patients. However, no medical provider is immune from making mistakes, and there are times when New York physicians may find that they are facing a medical malpractice lawsuit due to an alleged error.

One patient recently filed a lawsuit against her surgical team based on an alleged error that has purportedly lead to her suffering from unexpected complications. The woman supposedly fell off of the operating surface during a procedure to remove her appendix. According to the doctors, the surgeons needed to activate the tilt feature of the table in order to obtain a better operating field.

The unconscious patient somehow then slipped off of the surface and landed on the floor. The plaintiff’s attorney stated that due to state laws, she is unable to access some of the pertinent records in order to ascertain how the incident occurred and whether the support staff had engaged safety restraints during the operation. A family member of the patient claims that the staff informed her of the accident in order to obtain permission to test the woman for any injuries from the fall.

The woman has claimed that she now suffers from pain in her neck and shoulder as a direct result of the fall.  The doctors named in the suit have not made any public remarks regarding this case. New York medical providers who find themselves facing a lawsuit concerning alleged malpractice are entitled to a vigorous and thorough defense as these allegations can do irreparable harm to one’s reputation and standing in the medical profession.

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