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Mechanical analysis critical for truck accident defense

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2018 | Truck Accident Defense

New York highways are notorious for catastrophic accidents, sometimes involving tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles. Following a truck accident, there are many factors to consider. Building a truck accident defense after a collision can be a complex undertaking, and one focus of the investigation is whether mechanical failure played a role.

A quick inspection may reveal a flat tire, leading to a hurried conclusion that tire failure caused the accident. However, reconstructing the crash may reveal more reasonable answers. Damaged components of a truck do not necessarily indicate that the component failed and caused the crash. An experienced accident reconstructionist can use the evidence at the scene to determine whether the component was damaged as a result of the accident or prior to it.

Identifying the failure of a component is the crucial element of an accident reconstruction. It is important for a reconstructionist to understand how the truck would behave if certain components, for example the brakes or a tire, should malfunction while the truck is in motion. The inspector must also examine and perhaps disassemble truck components without damaging them since they may become evidence in a trial or other legal action.

Seeking the answers for the cause of an accident can allow an attorney to build a strong truck accident defense. Lawsuits involving trucks, drivers, owners and their insurance providers can place many entities at risk. Having access to the skills and resources of a New York attorney with experience handling accident lawsuits can be a benefit for reaching a favorable resolution, whether through negotiation or litigation.