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October 2015 Archives

Vetting injury claims takes time, but it's necessary

Under normal circumstances, a product is supposed to be relatively safe and meet a consumer's ordinary expectations. When the product is defective, however, a product does not meet these expectations and could therefore leave a manufacturer liable for any injuries or deaths the product causes. This is the groundwork of products liability law and is something many consumers, as well as our Albany readers, know well.

Don't let policy holders tell you you're negotiating in bad faith

Despite what may be said on the Internet about insurance companies, a majority of adjusters care about getting policy holders fair payments from their claims. Unfortunately, in today's society, all it takes is one bad apple to ruin it for the rest of the insurance companies who are actually trying to help their clients through a difficult time.

When an apology isn't seen as a sign of sympathy

For many people, losing a loved one unexpectedly can be incredibly devastating, leaving most people emotionally devastated. Because doctors, surgeons and nurses are people too, empathy is a common reaction to these sad situations. Upon reflex, a medical professional might offer their condolences with a heart-felt apology. But what they see as a sign of sympathy might come across as anything but to the grieving family.

HAIs and a hospital's risk of facing litigation in New York

Most people, whether they live here in New York or elsewhere in the nation, oftentimes have incredibly high expectations when it comes to the hospitals they visit. Patients expect that hospital staff are well trained and know what they are doing. Patients also expect that they will receive a high standard of care and that no mistakes will be made during their stay at the hospital.

Drug shortages tie doctors hands in treatment options

Patients seeking the best medical care focus on factors such as a hospital's safety record, a surgeon's success rate or testimonials from former patients. When something goes wrong, patients often investigate these same sources first in medical malpractice lawsuits, but these may not be the groups at fault.

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