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Why New York truckers should consider tire studs this winter

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2015 | Truck Accident Defense

As so many of our more frequent readers are aware, truck accidents are costly collisions that can cost insurance companies hundreds of thousands – even millions – of dollars in a single payout. Though it’s never bad to provide financial support to those who have been injured in a serious crash, insurance companies are more interested in finding ways of preventing these crashes from happening in the first place.

One thing truckers here in New York can do to help mitigate the number of truck accidents in the upcoming months is to keep in mind that the use of snow tires with metal studs is now allowed in New York through April 30, 2016. By installing these tires, truck drivers might be able to help their insurance company, as well as other drivers, by doing something that increases safety.

As many native New Yorkers know, snow and ice can make our roadways incredibly treacherous. It’s not uncommon for truck drivers to hit a patch of slippery roadway and lose control of their vehicle. By installing studded tires, though, truck drivers can increase their truck’s traction, making it less likely that they will lose control and collide with another vehicle.

Using snow tires with metal studs is not the only thing truck drivers here in New York can do to mitigate the chances of being involved in an accident. Slowing down during inclement weather, giving additional clearance for passing vehicles, staying alert, and checking blind spots before making any turns or lane changes are all great ways to avoid an accident that could cost a truck driver’s insurance company big down the road.

Source: The Utica Observer-Dispatch, “Studded snow tires allowed in NY beginning today,” Oct. 16, 2015