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Defending insurers after a truck accident

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Truck Accident Defense

When a truck is involved in an accident on the New York roadways, the other driver can be quick to file suit against the driver and the company. As a result, insurance companies could be facing serious financial consequences. Truck insurance policies have high limits and those filing suit against them will do everything in their power to get the maximum amount of damages. This can cause major difficulties for insurers.

Truck accident defense can be more complicated that your standard car accident defense. A truck accident case will require you to be informed about the state and federal regulations that truckers are obligated to follow. Many truck accident cases also involve electronic control modules, or black boxes, as well as collision warning sensors, tachographs, Jacobs braking systems, “bobtail” designation, paperless log systems and truck brake gladhands. Being familiar with these common issues is critical to giving you the best chance possible to win your case.

As an insurance company, how do you protect yourself? Seeking qualified legal representation may be the first step. At O’Connor, O’Connor, Bresee & First, there is a premier insurance defense team in place to help you come up with a strategy to mitigate or eliminate your financial losses. The firm has obtained favorable settlements and even dismissals for insurers all over New York and Vermont.

The legal team at O’Connor, O’Connor, Bresee & First understands the difficulties and financial liability insurers may be facing after an accident. For more information about how we may be able to assist you with your truck accident case, please visit our website.