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Medical malpractice defense may be needed after suit filed

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Insurance Defense

When any kind of mishap or unexpected complication arises during a surgery, there may be issues that need to be dealt with immediately or further complications can develop. If further complications do develop, anyone involved may be in need of comprehensive medical malpractice defense as a case may be filed, which can affect the careers and livelihoods of the medical professionals involved. Anyone conducting surgeries in New York may be interested in a recent case that has been filed after an incident took place during a surgery.

The incident occurred during a spinal fusion surgery. A patient was in surgery when a doctor dropped a screw into her body. The doctor was not able to remove the screw during the initial surgery, and the decision was made to wait and remove the screw in a few days.

The patient had what was described as a femoral nerve injury because of the screw being left inside her body. This entailed pain and weakness in the woman’s right leg and knee. She also reportedly suffered abdominal hernias from the second surgery performed. She is suing the doctor for failure to use appropriate tools and techniques to remove the screw during the first surgery.

A case requiring medical malpractice defense can become extremely complicated if more than one medical procedure needs to be done to rectify a mistake or unexpected complication. New York experts may have to testify and provide insight when cases such as this are brought forth by patients. Anytime a medical professional faces this form of legal action, clarification or explanation from other medical professionals can prove to be invaluable and can explain a complicated medical situation in terms a jury or others may better understand.

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