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Truck accident litigation may hinge on facts that surface

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2016 | Truck Accident Defense

There is a lot more to a devastating truck accident than what passersby see on the road, meaning that those involved and those who were eyewitnesses may possess valuable information. Even technology can play a very valuable role in how truck accident litigation unfolds in a New York court room. Today’s technology can sometimes illustrate exactly what happened and provide an accurate picture of the collision that can help a trucking company or insurance company who may be faced with the possibility of paying extensive damages.

Technology in most trucks can record both speed and distance. These tachographs can counter a claim that a driver was speeding or failed to try to slow down to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Also, specific braking systems can help determine when brakes were applied, which can counter claims of distracted driving or the lack of an attempt to stop.

In addition, the drivers log is an essential part of every accident investigation. It can show how much sleep a driver had during his or her last break and when that driver stopped to rest, along with providing other valuable evidence. Paperless log systems can go steps further and provide proof of proper rest and acceptable time on the road before an accident occurred, helping to rule out driver fatigue.

While eyewitness accounts and the events as perceived by those involved can be important parts of truck accident litigation, the additional proof and information provided by the latest technological advances can eliminate any lingering doubts or false claims of fault. The increase in insurance premiums and cost of damages can be financially paralyzing for a trucking company in New York when a situation is unfairly balanced toward others. Our website has more information about cases involving trucks and the kinds of legal support that may help a case move forward in a fair and timely manner.