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Truck accident litigation can get complicated in New York

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2016 | Truck Accident Defense

When an accident occurs involving a truck and another vehicle, the scene can be devastating, chaotic and hard to investigate for any number of reasons. The sheer force of a truck and a car colliding can make the scene even more difficult to investigate. When such a situation leads to truck accident litigation in New York, laws, regulations, technology and other issues may all play a role in the case and need to be explored to ensure a fair outcome because all too often, the truck or driver is blamed before the facts are known.

Technology can play a huge role in setting the record straight and letting the facts determine what happened and who may be at fault. For example, electronic control modules, or ‘black boxes’ can relay valuable information about what may have led to a crash. These modules can also relay other pieces of information that can benefit the truck driver or company when litigation is a possibility.

Aside from this black box technology, the actual driving log can be a valuable tool also. There are paperless log systems which can provide insight into the driver’s role in the crash. For some who are wrongfully accused of liability, this technology may be the best way to ensure a just and fair resolution to a case.

There is a lot at stake for drivers, trucking companies and others in New York when truck accident litigation results from an accident. Having access to facts, reliable technological information and an experienced investigative team to decipher all of the information can be paramount to how a case unfolds or to negotiating to avoid litigation if possible. Our firm has information online about truck accidents and how the rights of truck drivers, companies and others can be protected with legal support.