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Insurance defense in premises liability claims

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2016 | Insurance Defense

Whether you are the manager or owner of a business here in New York, you have a duty to the people who come onto your property to keep it safe. Even when you follow all state and federal laws regarding upkeep and maintenance of your property, that does not mean that accidents will not happen. It is when those accidents occur that you will need a strong insurance defense in connection with any premises liability claims that might be filed.

Premises liability claims stem from a variety of incidents such as slip-and-falls, assaults and other calamities that happen every day in New York and across the country. The victims of these incidents might look to you and your business for restitution. Claims include negligent security, icy sidewalks and parking lots in the wintertime and falling objects, among other things.

As soon as an accident occurs on your company’s property, it would be beneficial to contact your insurance company and attorney. The sooner an investigation into the incident can begin, the higher the probability that all of the relevant evidence can be documented and preserved. In addition, witness and victim recollections of what happened are often best in the first hours and days following the accident.

Your insurance defense attorney will gather as much information as possible for review. The more accurate the information is, the better an assessment of any liability your company might face can be made. Thereafter, the resolution that will provide you and your company with the best outcome possible can be pursued.