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New York insurance industry will face challenges in 2017

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2016 | Insurance Law

The evolution of technology touches nearly every aspect of life. Cell phones now seem to be an extension of some people’s arms, and they impact New York families, business and leisure. They also impact the highways, but cell phones are just one area of technology that promises to have a major effect on the auto insurance industry during the upcoming year. Some of the changes in the future of transportation include automated vehicles and damage claims regarding distracted driving.

Some predict that coverage for individual auto insurance will drop by up to 60 percent once automatic technology becomes mainstream. This is because the proponents of self-driving vehicles claim they will mean a drastic reduction in the number and severity of motor vehicle accidents. Along with the advanced technology come questions about cyberattcks that may jeopardize the safe function of the vehicles. The liability for accidents resulting from computer hacking may need to be resolved through litigation.

While the dangers of distracted driving are becoming more widely known, and statistics show the deadly effects of texting behind the wheel, studies show that about 660,000 drivers continue to use their devices while they drive. Personal injury claims are now taking aim at the manufacturers of phones and the developers of apps that seem to encourage the practice, for example, by asking a driver to post the speed at which one is driving along with a picture. Such cases have not been widely successful but are becoming more numerous.

As people in New York embrace new technology, the insurance industry will be facing challenges. Those challenges may require the strong defense of an experienced attorney. A lawyer who is comfortable dealing with state, federal issues and administrative issues can represent the interests of those in the insurance industry facing a variety of legal problems.

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