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Man files suit against truck insurance company, driver

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Truck Accident Defense

Those who operate tractor-trailers for a living are aware of the dangers that are inherent to their work. As a result, they strive to be diligent about performing their duties in such a manner that they do not give their truck insurance company reasons to raise their rates or worse, drop their coverage. Unfortunately, drivers do fail to remain vigilant at times and accidents do occur as travelers in New York are well aware.

Recently, a man filed a federal lawsuit against a driver, his employer and his insurance provider. The man claimed that he was traveling along an interstate highway when traffic ahead of him began to slow. He asserts that he adjusted his speed in order to avoid an accident. However, the driver of the 18-wheeler behind him, according to the claim, failed to make a similar adjustment.

Apparently, the truck then rear-ended the man’s vehicle. He claims that the impact caused him to be forcibly thrown about the inside of the passenger compartment of his car. He alleges that he suffered injuries as a result of the collision, but no details were included as to the severity of those injuries nor whether he will suffer long-term effects from the accident. It was also unclear whether the victim was using his seat belt or if any airbags were deployed.

While a rear-end collision is most likely the fault of a driver following the vehicle ahead, it is unclear as to the severity of the victim’s injuries and what type of damages can be proved in court. This federal lawsuit was only recently filed in Louisiana and it may be some time before the case is resolved. Drivers and their truck insurance providers who find that they are facing a similar circumstance in New York do have experienced professionals they can contact who can provide a comprehensive and thorough defense against these types of civil actions.

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