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Video assists with truck accident defense

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2017 | Truck Accident Defense

Most every New York truck driver understands the reputation truckers have among drivers of smaller vehicles. Often seen as the bullies of the highway, tractor-trailers are quick to catch blame for accidents, especially if there are injuries or fatalities involved. Trucks are an easy target, with their size and weight contributing to the damages that may result. However, fleet owners and managers are looking to technology to help them with truck accident defense.

Despite the bad press, an independent study shows that 80 percent of accidents involving big rigs may be caused by car drivers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration blames truckers for speeding, making unsafe lane changes and failing to yield, which contribute to many accidents. Fleet owners are now fighting this reputation by installing forward- and driver-facing video cameras on their trucks.

Many traffic accident investigations take advantage of surveillance videos nearby, as well as any footage recorded on cell phones by witnesses. However, video from the truck can provide information such as the speed of the truck, the timing of the trucker’s brake application and the deployment of any safety systems, such as lane departure warnings. While such videos may not end the investigation, they often lead investigators in the right direction.

Video technology can offer a trucking company a tool with many benefits. New York truckers may find that having such technology in their vehicles provides them with a reliable witness in their truck accident defense. An additional advantage may be the assistance of an attorney who is dedicated to protecting truckers and their insurance companies from the financial consequences of an accident claim.

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