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Repair shops suing insurance industry over disputed practices

As New York drivers know, when a car is involved in an accident, it typically falls to the insurance company and a repair shop to work together to restore that vehicle to safe condition. In some situations, the two sides disagree as to the best manner of repairing the damages. Repair shops around the country have joined in a lawsuit against the insurance industry over what they deem unsafe policies.

Man claims he suffered harm from insurance company denial

Many New York employers offer disability as a benefit to their employees. However, there are times that even purportedly valid claims are denied by an insurance company as a matter of policy, for many reasons. As a result of a denial, some claimants file a civil suit in an effort to obtain those benefits.

One state seeks to aid insurance industry by reforming lawsuits

In certain circumstances, the media seems to hold a jaundiced view of insurance companies. However, without the protection provided by many different branches of the insurance industry, many consumers and businesses would be left vulnerable and unable to rebuild after a devastating event. New York residents have likely experienced situations where an insurance policy enabled them to recover from an unforeseen setback.

Insurance company class action suit dismissed after policy change

For generations, people have had some form of insurance in order to mitigate their losses in various ventures. In modern society, an insurance company offers valuable protection from a variety of situations, including health problems, fire losses and car accidents. People from all walks of life in New York and elsewhere typically have a number of different policies in force at any given time.

Resolution of claims in car vs. tavern crash could be complex

Recently, a car crashed into a tavern here in New York. Four people were injured, including the driver and passenger in the car. The tavern sustained heavy damage as well. The resolution of claims involved in this car accident could be complex.

Insurance defense in premises liability claims

Whether you are the manager or owner of a business here in New York, you have a duty to the people who come onto your property to keep it safe. Even when you follow all state and federal laws regarding upkeep and maintenance of your property, that does not mean that accidents will not happen. It is when those accidents occur that you will need a strong insurance defense in connection with any premises liability claims that might be filed.

Lack of safety measures could complicate insurance defense

Every New York industry is required to follow certain safety regulations in order to protect its workers and the public. When a company and/or its employees do not follow those measures, accidents can happen. If an accident does happen, a lack of safety measures could complicate an insurance defense.

What is the purpose of declaratory judgment actions?

At times, an insurer and its insured are at odds with each other. Declaratory judgment actions filed here in New York and elsewhere can head off any potential controversies between the party by outlining each of their rights and responsibilities under an insurance policy as they move forward. Important matters of law are outlined and decided in order to remove any extraneous issues that could hinder negotiations and any future legal actions involving the parties.

Medical malpractice defense may be needed after suit filed

When any kind of mishap or unexpected complication arises during a surgery, there may be issues that need to be dealt with immediately or further complications can develop. If further complications do develop, anyone involved may be in need of comprehensive medical malpractice defense as a case may be filed, which can affect the careers and livelihoods of the medical professionals involved. Anyone conducting surgeries in New York may be interested in a recent case that has been filed after an incident took place during a surgery.

Does talc powder cause cancer?

A recent lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson ended with a $72 million verdict in favor of a family who claimed that their loved one contracted ovarian cancer because of her continued use of talc powder over the years. Though some applaud the verdict, it does raise an important question that could affect other hygiene-product manufacturers in the future: Does talc power cause cancer?

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