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July 2016 Archives

Debt collection changes that could soon be passed into law

If you've been paying attention to the news, you might have caught wind of potential changes to debt collection rules. Federal regulators have proposed a series of regulations to ease the burden on debt-riddled consumers. These rule modifications arrive in response to a seemingly endless number of consumer credit defaults and debt collectors' relentless pursuits of those unpaid debts.

Car accidents resulting in claims may adversely affect insurance

Hundreds of thousands of motor vehicle collisions occur on busy New York roadways and surrounding regions each year. When car accidents lead to multiple claims being filed, self-insured companies and insurance agencies may be faced with financial instability. A key factor in protecting business interests and keeping costs low often lies in securing immediate and effective auto insurance defense.

After incidents, help may be needed defending nursing homes

When there is an incident at a nursing home, charges against care workers may be the result. There may be times when those charges are warranted and other times when defending nursing homes and workers is a must because those charges are not warranted. Nursing home workers and facility managers in New York can benefit from understanding how incidents may be misinterpreted, misconstrued or unnecessarily pursued as criminal and how legal support can ensure a fair resolution when an incident has occurred.

Medical malpractice defense may be needed by many

When people think of medical malpractice, they may envision certain scenarios or common circumstances they see on the news. However, anyone with a professional license in the medical field in New York may find him or herself at risk of being confronted with a medical malpractice suit. Because anyone can be the target of legal action, all sorts of medical professionals may benefit from being aware of their medical malpractice defense options.

New York car accidents may result in driver arrests

A 56-year-old New York woman is charged with running a red light and leaving the scene of an accident, but she may be facing far more serious charges. Police say the woman is responsible for the death of one person and the injury of three others in the recent crash. Like many drivers in fatal car accidents, this woman must turn her focus to defending herself against the formal accusations. 

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